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About Us

Insight Deli is a virtual boutique agency specialising in qualitative research, generating new insights, opportunities and solutions for your brand.

We pride ourselves in our dedication, passion and creativity to get to the heart of the matter whatever the question or brief we are being asked to explore.

Our aim is to seek out the unusual and less obvious, to make fresh and exciting connections for brand growth and development, come rain or shine.

In an ever changing and unpredictable world “fresh eyes” are the key to “fresh insights” and “new beginnings”…

Our Approach

As no client or brand is the same, in an evolving local and global landscape we need to be even more aware of and sensitive to different cultures and communities.

So we take great care to create a bespoke and personal approach to each brief in order to capture the nuances that can make all the difference.

By paying attention to detail and looking at the nuances as well as the bigger picture, we can work with our brands and clients intimately and at an individual level, just as we do with your consumers.

Our Ingredients

We aim to deliver the highest quality work via intelligent, intuitive and sensitive research conducted by an expert, hand picked team within the UK, across Europe and beyond.

Understanding the consumer as a “person” is at the heart of everything we do, so we are meticulous with recruitment to ensure that we are working with people who are truly representative and informative.

We believe in getting the perfect mix vs. just getting the job done!

Our Services

Embracing changes in the way people are living and working, we have evolved our approach to cater for both online and offline market research approaches.

By using online platforms and Zoom we can deliver fantastic results in parallel or instead of face to face interaction within the UK and across international markets.

Our offer includes:

  • Cultural research to enrich contextual understanding
  • Bringing the consumer to life via (online) ethnography/immersion
  • Pre-task and initial insight gathering via online platforms/apps
  • Consumer Workshops and Ideas Generation
  • Intimate qualitative research exploration and evaluation (Groups & IDIs)
  • Consumer led insight mining, innovation and NPD
  • Sensitive consumer-centric brand positioning
  • Rich and insightful consumer segmentation
  • Culturally focused packaging, design and communication

Food for Thought

It is not just the quality of the research and insight that matters to us, but also the way it is presented, delivered and brought to life.

We aim to make our outputs fresh and inspiring. Combining visual and verbal learnings through film, online diaries, personal consumer narratives, photo stories, insight albums as well as more conventional formats.

Artisan Team

For each project we select a handpicked team of passionate, experienced researchers and specialists. Our teams are created with the perfect blend of skills to deliver at the highest level for our clients.

Alice Vessey has over 25 yrs experience in qualitative research and also specialises in ethnography. She combines the skills of up close and personal online and in situ interviewing with observation and cultural perspective to create a 3D approach. Seeking out and implementing fresh learning and insights with an eye to strategic solutions. Alice graduated from Oxford University in French and Russian and then worked in social research before becoming an Associate Director at Added Value. She set up Insight Deli in 2005. In her spare time she designs and makes jewellery.

Our Experience

We have worked with a range of clients and organisations across a diverse spectrum of brands and categories.


Insight Deli is part of Qual Collective, a team of highly experienced researchers working together in Europe, US, Asia and LATAM. Alice is also an associate analyst with discover. ai




Email: alice@insightdeli.com

Mobile: +44 (0) 7867 554145

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